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Car locksmith – duplicate chip keys

Transponder key programming entails the use of a microchip that is located at the top of the key. The microchip is identified with a unique serial number that the transponder key programmer issues it. The electronic/engine control units (ECU) sends a request to the vehicle in order for it to validate the serial number on the microchip. If the serial number is not identified by the car as one of the confirmed sets of correct numbers, the car will fail to start.
During the purchase of a vehicle that incorporates the transponder keys, it is advisable to own at least two keys. This is due to the fact that keys could get lost sometimes and therefore having an extra validated programmed transponder key could come in handy in the future. Lock Dr Locksmith is here to see to it that you are hooked up with a set of duplicate chip keys. In the event that replacement transponder keys are required, they can easily be made by a vehicle dealer or locksmith. Dealers are known to charge up to a 300% profit margin, while locksmiths on the other hand are a cheaper option as they will cut and program the programmed transponder key for 50% less than the dealer would charge.
It is also very possible for any driver to program their on sets of blank keys although the process is usually different from car to car. Contact the experts to identify if you can program your own blank keys for your car. The technology that is associated with programming keys to particular cars has challenged numerous vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies to view cars with transponder keys to be virtually impenetrable by theft. There have been talks and reports, however, of thieves maneuvering the transponder and establishing weaknesses and exploring them, sometimes by simply towing the car.
Most manufacturers have been reluctant in letting out their programming codes to locksmiths; this could be due to fear that the codes could be stolen and it could come back to them. Anyway by the mere fact of being licensed, insured, and bonded, the manufacturing company has the sole ownership of 99% of all programming codes for transponder keys. In addition, Lock Dr Locksmith provides services for your Keyless Remote, Chip Key, Car Remote and Duplicate Chip Keys. Lock Dr Locksmith deals in a wide range of keys including laser, spare, ignition, OEM, Mailbox, Desk keys, Sheriff Lockouts among others.

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